SBCAST hosts the efforts Art Curator, Lynn M. Holley.  The Curator is principally involved in organizing First Thursday exhibitions for SBCAST or invited artists.  The Curator also coordinates, on-site, exhibiting opportunities for small group or solo showings for artists and perform outreach to develop SBCAST’s relationships to the local, national and international community.

Maiza Hixson

Maiza Hixson has returned full-time to graduate school for her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara as a Regents Fellow. Presently, Maiza has relinquished her curatorial efforts at SBCAST. SBCAST remains grateful for Maiza’s contributions and is fully supportive of Maiza’s interest in applying herself to her development as an artist.

Maiza studied Art History, Theory, and Criticism and Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She received an M.A. in Critical and Curatorial Studies from the University of Louisville and holds a B.A. in French.

Maiza Hixson was both curator and Co-Director of the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology. Her most recent performances at SBCAST include: Maiza For Mayor Campaign Launch, Mr. Van’s Televised Press Conference; Dream Disaster; Running For Office; and Art Movement Desensitization and Recall (AMDR Therapy).

While serving as Chief Curator of the Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and Culture from 2015-2017, she organized such exhibitions as: Redwoods to Rockabilly: The Prints of Angelina LaPointe; Joe Girandola: Duct Tape Dreams; Campos de Ensueños: The Photography of Antonio Arredondo Juarez and Ricardo Palavecino; LightWorks: Isla Vista; and Kym Cochran and Jonathan Smith’s 1925 public sculpture for the Jardin de las Granadas. As Chief Curator of the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA) from 2010-2015, Hixson organized such exhibitions as Radical Participation: A Series of Four Interactive Exhibitions funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation; Wilmington Trap Stars: A Street Art Exhibition and Young Country: On Rural Themes in Art. Prior to working for the DCCA, she was a curatorial assistant at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia and served as Associate Curator of the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati from 2006-2009 where she curated group and solo exhibitions including American Idyll: Contemporary Art and Karaoke and Marilyn Minter: Chewing Color. She is an affiliate of Independent Curators International (NYC).

Hixson’s experimental curatorial video work, Oh Boy: On Men and Masculinity was featured in the People’s Biennial curated by Jens Hoffman and Harrell Fletcher, which traveled to five contemporary art museums across the United States between 2010-2012. Hixson is also co-founder of the conceptual art space, The Shaft, with Lauren Ruth. As part of The Shaft, Hixson has performed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art; Cannonball, Miami; The Koban in Baltimore; Little Berlin Gallery in Philadelphia; and Soap Factory, Minneapolis.


I treat the art exhibition as an aesthetic medium for creating a dialogue with the viewer. Rather than strictly placing objects on display, I approach curating from a critical, creative, educational and social standpoint. I employ digital video and new media as tools to encourage public participation in visual culture. I seek to facilitate alternative experiences of exhibitions, including how conversations can aid in the understanding and reception of images.

Lynn M. Holley

Lynn M. Holley is an executive consultant to the arts. She is a writer, curator of gallery art and films. Early in her education she studied art history, the basics in color and design, and studio art, painting, print-making and life-drawing. Attracted more toward the liberal arts of poetry, philosophy and literature, she became a journalist, film reviewer and the the editor and publisher of two feminist newspapers, and additionally, with her academic work, published one of the first high technology magazines in the country: Technology NY. However, constantly interested and immersed in movies and films, she is now the founder and director of two film-festivals: the International Fine Arts Film Festival and the international 3-Minute Film Festival, both of which have been screened at SBCAST in 2016 and 2017.

As an ardent member of the Untied Nations Association and the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, and its former executive director, Lynn’s philosophy is one that promotes integration of all the arts as a belief and practice within all cultures, and that a single form of artistic expression does not rise above the value of others. Educated with multiple degrees in Humanities, Communication and Museum Studies, she promotes a practice of allowing everyone to express themselves thorough their chosen art discipline. This thinking allows her a freedom in curating, producing, and exercising her own creativity. To that end, she is one of the resident curators and supporters of SBCAST, as well as the founder and curator of Art at the JCC, a large gallery experience within the Greater Santa Barbara Jewish Federation. The latter encompasses not only Jewish-themed exhibitions once a year, but a wide-range of shows from local artists to international photographers, and of collectors of historic significance, all with relevance to contemporary issues and interests.

In 2012, as executive director of the Marco Island Center for the Arts, a large Florida education and exhibition non-profit, Lynn created a lecture platform that included a 90-image power-point entitled:The Dance of the Muses From Las Vegas to the Louvre. It’s based, in part, on her dissertation from the University of Leicester, England, in 2007. She has given this presentation in both California and Florida, and continues to present it at different venues. In 2016 she was brought to England to present it as a featured contributor for the international conference on the Museum as Global Contemporary.

Lynn has worked as a dean and department head in academia, as the executive director of numerous non-profit organizations in New York, Florida and California. She has been a media consultant to politicos, government and corporations, including American Express; and she has been the publisher, editor and writer of magazines and newspapers. In Santa Barbara, she was the managing director of two International music festivals, with media coverage from around the world: The 2004 International Tango/Malambo Festival was a 6-venue offering, including movies, dance, UCSB multi-media show, plus an extraordinary and diverse Tango music from the SB Symphony; and the 100th Birthday Celebration of Mexican Classical Composer Silvestre Revueltas was an 11-venue offering that included UCSB and a museum exhibition. The centerpiece of the festival was the SB Symphony playing his Oscar nominated score under the screening of the Mexican film Redes, at the Arlington Theater. Lynn also wrote and produced Broadway Women and their Music staring Lucie Arnaz, in New York, and other celebrity productions for a musical stage.

Lynn has received awards and recognition from a variety of associations including, but not limited to the New York State Addy Council, a Gold Medal and other awards from The Council for the Advancement of Secondary Education (CASE), in D.C.. Lynn is a member of International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, the Santa Barbara University Club, the Santa Barbara Associates, and the United Nation’s Association, Santa Barbara Chapter, begun in 1946, the year before the UN was formally established. Lynn believes that a look at history can offer clues (not solutions necessarily) to the present state of affairs. She is currently at work on a film script for a spy-story, based on true events from 1950; and a new 3-Minute Film Festival that requires an original score of music. Lynn’s main mantra is: Without risk there is no progress.

Lynn M. Holley, M.A.
Executive Consultant to the Arts
Writer, Resident Curator, and SBJCC.
Founder, Director, International Fine Arts Film Festival 2017
Founder, Director, 3 Minute Film Festival 2017