Diane Burko Artist Talk: The Intersection of Art and the Environment – My Journey from Landscape Artist to Explorer/Activist

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  • Venue: SBCAST

    513 Garden Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Diane Burko will tell how she evolved from being a landscape artist to becoming a “scientifically” knowledgeable landscape activist, collaborating with glaciologists researching climate change. She will speak about her decade long exploration of the polar region’s melting glaciers as well as her recent project, Kai’Apapa, which is taking her to our National Parks’ Coral Reef systems – the rainforests of our ocean.
With anecdotal experiences and chronological images, she will chart that evolution, presenting art in tandem with on-site expeditions with scientists in the field, installation and studio shots.
She hopes the audience will understand how her art work developed from an appreciation of the natural world to awareness and knowledge gathering to on site exploration (bearing witness) and eventually public engagement. Her intention is to provide her audience with a narrative that stimulates a lively discussion and exchange.