A night time view of projected tree trunks and roots on the second story outer walls of a city building.

Haru Ji

Haru Hyunkyung JI is a media artist and co-creator of the art research project “Artificial Nature”. The motivation is to create artificial ecosystems as shared realities to shatter the perspective of humans as the center of the world and to deepen our understanding of the complex intertwined connections in dynamic living systems. She holds a ...

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Layers of wavy patterns. The words "Generating Sound & Organizing Time Thinking with gen book 1".

Graham Wakefield

Graham Wakefield is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in the department of Computational Arts at York University, where he leads the Alice Lab, dedicated to computational art practice and software development for audio and mixed/hybrid reality. His ongoing research practice applies a deep commitment to the open-endedness of computation—as an art material—as expressed ...

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An interior space with a colorful projection of trees, tree roots and ground in hues of purples and blues.

Artificial Nature

Artificial Nature is an installation series and research project by Haru JI and Graham WAKEFIELD, creating a family of interactive art installations surrounding humans with biologically-inspired complex systems experienced in immersive mixed reality. Since 2007, Artificial Nature installations have shown at international venues including La Gaite Lyrique (Paris), ZKM (Karlsruhe), CAFA (Beijing), MOXI and the ...

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Highly detailed computer generated abstract work in grays and pinks.

Meesh Fradkin

Meesh Fradkin is a writer, sound artist, and PhD candidate in interdisciplinary music technology at McGill University. Meesh is also a researcher at the Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory and The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology. She is currently a visiting scholar at NYU’s Center for Disability Studies. Meesh lives ...

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A glass hand hung on a wall with a human hand touching it palm to palm.

Joana Burd

Artist, educator and researcher of haptic aesthetics. Graduated in Visual Arts in 2014 (UFRGS, Brazil) and Master in Visual Poetics in 2018 (UFRGS, Brazil), Burd is currently doing her PhD research at Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona, where she is also working as a professor. Joana has already presented seven solo shows, recently ...

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Richly detailed, vivid yellow 2-dimensional art of organic fan-like shapes.

Julian Harake

Julian Harake is an artist, registered architect, educator, and critic. He is the founder of Studio Harake, an art and design practice bridging architecture, printmaking, ceramics, and digital fabrication.

Julian has facilitated university-level courses since the age of 19, beginning with a contemporary art course for students in outside disciplines at UC Berkeley. Since then, he ...

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A geometric buidling with projection of an abstract design on all of the flat walls but not on windows or overhangs and ledges.

Iason N. Paterakis

Iason N. Paterakis is an Architect-Engineer, Media Artist, and researcher based in California. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Media, Arts & Technology (MAT) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is a member of transLAB, a trans-disciplinary laboratory supervised by Vice Chair Professor Marcos Novak. Since 2012, he has been working ...

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A fantastical, whimsical, ornate pedestal.

Nefeli Manoudaki

Nefeli Manoudaki is an innovative Architect – Engineer, currently an Ph.D. student at the University of California, Santa Barbara in the Media Arts and Technology (MAT) program. Until recently, Nefeli was a researcher at the TUC TIE Lab in Greece, where she participated in large-scale projects of national scope and visibility. Her work lies in the ...

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Sofia Bartolomeo

What does Raul Soares need?

What does Brazil need?

What does planet Earth need?

What must be stamped on our face, and then displayed on a 576 square meter mural, for all of us to understand?

We need to understand that we are all connected.

Because we think planet Earth is too big.
The sky, the oceans, the continents…

We ...

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Adah Parris

Adah Parris is a polymath, anti-disciplinary artist, tech futurist and activist who’s work explores the anatomy of transformation and innovation. Her work sits at the intersection of ancient wisdom, living systems and indigenous community practices, digital and emerging technologies all under the philosophical idea and systems framework that she developed called cyborg shamanism.

Adah was ...

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