Two Classrooms, on the ground floor of SBCAST, are suitable as private, partially-shared or fully-communal classroom spaces.  The Classrooms are for short-term and intermittent-use circumstances, typically on the order of one month or less continuous use, or once a week or month of intermittent use.  However, longer continuous terms or increased frequency of use are possible.  The classrooms are unfurnished, 400 square feet, and include RFID keycard entrance, concrete flooring, industrial, stainless-steel sink with hot/cold water, ceiling fan and uni-strut ceiling grid and electricity access.  Units are heated via built-in, solar thermal, water radiator.  All utilities, including wifi, are provided by SBCAST.

Supporting resources include: PA System, lighting, projectors, white board, adjustable-height tables and chairs.

Note: SBCAST modular flex-space accomodates the differing usage requirements of Exhibition Studios, Classrooms and Community Rooms.

Pricing Info for Classrooms and other Spaces.