The SBCAST Courtyard is defined by earth-tone panel fencing, site buildings and permeable pavers.  The Courtyard incorporates a number of accessible areas: Quadrangle, Rooftop Garden Patios, Covered Outdoor Work Plaza and Aerial Rigging Points.

SBCAST Courtyard Quadrangle ambient lighting is provided by a uniquely customizable, DMX-based, iPad-controlled system.  Users can “paint” the surrounding Quadrangle buildings in colors and intensities of light, much as a painter applies oils to a canvas.  Lighting can be fixed, programmed to be slowly varying or highly interactive.  A six-channel speaker system is built into the Quadrangle.  Sound can be modulated throughout the space and be conventionally-driven via phone, tablet or laptop to provide an ambient music background.

The Courtyard Quadrangle measures 95′ x 60′ (5700 square feet) and can be made fully-private with two controllable, independent, entrances / exits. Rooftop Garden Patios, walkways and perches frame the east and south sides of the Courtyard.  Two unisex restrooms are accesible on the south side of Quadrangle.  The Courtyard capacity is subject to event type and is limited to 300 people maximum.  Events can be held daytime, afternoon and evening.  Events can extend to 10pm.

A variety of supporting resources are available for events.  Resources include stages (4′ x 8′), adjustable height tables (2′ x 4′) with black stretch covers, aerial performance rigging points, public address system, lighting, projectors, high fidelity sound system, podium, outside seating and bistro tables.

Two interior Exhibition Studios/Classrooms/Community Rooms, Covered Outdoor Work Plaza and the Workshop may be available for inclusion in Courtyard activities.  These spaces can be used to create more private working/social areas or, opened fully, for refreshment service, exhibition or performance.

Event Info for hosting events in the Courtyard.
Pricing Info for the Courtyard and other spaces.