What is SBCAST?

SBCAST is the acronym for the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology, a live/work arts community.

Who lives and works at SBCAST?

Artists, Scientists and Technologists are resident at SBCAST.  SBCAST also may appeal to academics, scholars and designers from a range of disciplines.

How can I live and work at SBCAST?

Please consider applying by sending your Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Intent!  You can find the Residency form here.

Where is the rental application form?

Visit our Rental Application.

Can I live at SBCAST without needing an additional personal Working Studio?

Yes, it’s not required to have a personal Working Studio at SBCAST, in order to live there. Living Studios are available to be rented separately.  SBCAST provides some shared communal facilities for Living Studio residents.

Can I work at SBCAST without needing to live there?

Yes, it’s not required to have a personal Living Studio at SBCAST, in order to work there. Working studios are available to be rented separately. Working Studios can be shared with Living Studio residents at SBCAST.

Does SBCAST have local, national and international reach?

Yes, SBCAST is focused on establishing relationships to people and programs, worldwide.

How is SBCAST about art?

SBCAST is structured around the idea of ongoing art exhibition. Art events are held regularly.  

Does SBCAST hold events?

Yes, events may be open to the general public or may be focused to private showings.  SBCAST occasionally hosts exhibitions on Santa Barbara First Thursdays.

May I exhibit work at SBCAST?

There may be opportunities to exhibit at SBCAST, whether or not you are an on-site resident. Contact SBCAST for more information.

May I hold a community meeting at SBCAST?

There may be opportunities to meet at SBCAST, whether or not you are an on-site resident. Contact SBCAST for more information.

May I hold a class at SBCAST?

There may be opportunities to teach a class at SBCAST, whether or not you are an on-site resident.  Contact SBCAST for more information.

Is there a laundry on site?

Yes, a laundry room, with coin operated washer and dryer, is on the ground floor of SBCAST and is accessible from the courtyard.  The laundry room is for SBCAST living studio residents.

Are there community restrooms on site?

Yes, two unisex restrooms are on the ground floor of SBCAST and are accessible from the courtyard.  The unisex restrooms are for living and working studio residents.  The Workshop also has a unisex restroom.

How are Living Studios setup?

Living Studios include: living area, tile floors, extensive storage, kitchen, range/oven, refrigerator, microwave and bathroom.  Units are heated via solar thermal water.  All utilities, except telecommunications, are provided by SBCAST.

How are Working Studios setup?

Working Studios include working area, concrete flooring, uni-strut ceiling grid, stainless steel sink, overhead quiet fan, electricity and solar thermal heating for water and room.  All utilities, except telecommunications, are provided by SBCAST.

How are utilities managed?

Electricity, water, trash, recycling, sewer – are provided free of charge to SBCAST Living and Working Studio residents.  Living and Working Studio residents are responsible for their personal telecommunications (internet, cable, telephone).

What art-related organizations are close to SBCAST?

Along Garden Street, between Haley and Ortega Streets, the nucleus of an “Arts Corridor” is evolving. The Community Arts Workshop (CAW), Explore Ecology’s Art from Scrap and SBCAST establish a concentration of arts-related activity.  The closeness of these three art centers create opportunities for collaboration, facility use, availability of art supplies and associated tools.

What stores, services and restaurants are close to SBCAST?

There is a grocery store one block away and the Saturday Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market is 1½ blocks away. Materials, tools and supplies providers, Home Improvement Center, Buena Tool, Smart and Final, Office Max and Hayward Lumber are all within easy walking distance. There are numerous restaurants within a few blocks and lower State Street is just three blocks away. An MTD cross-town electric shuttle sheltered stop is just ½ block away, on the corner of Cota and Garden streets. A trip to UCSB consists of taking the cross-town electric shuttle (one every 23 minutes) to the MTD Transit Center, then boarding the UCSB Express (one every 30 minutes). There is a Ralphs Supermarket across the street from the MTD Transit Center, so groceries are readily available. The Pacific Ocean is five blocks south of SBCAST, with direct pedestrian and bicycling access. The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, for bicycle repair support, is 2½ blocks away.

What’s the situation on parking cars at SBCAST?

SBCAST does not encourage the use of automobiles.  Bicycles are available, on-site, for SBCAST residents. However, paid parking is available at SBCAST, for residents only.  Each SBCAST Living Studio may have up to one assigned paid parking space, subject to a separate lease arrangement ($100/month).

If I can’t park at SBCAST, then what?

Please consider riding a bike! There are bike racks on-site at SBCAST.  If you must drive to SBCAST, the closest SB City parking lots are lot 10 (621 Anacapa St.) and lot 11 (523 Anacapa St.).   These lots are about two blocks away, available 24/7 and the first 75 minutes are free.   For SBCAST evening event parking, SB City Commuter lot (C) at 119 E. Cota is available, for free, the following days and hours: Mon-Fri: 6pm-6am; Sat: 2pm-6am; Sun: 24 hours.  This lot is about 1 block from SBCAST and is at the NW corner of Cota and Santa Barbara Streets.

Here is a link to a PDF of all SB City parking lots.

How do I get around town, without a car, if I’m resident at SBCAST?

Bikes are available for on-site residents. Some bikes are equipped with racks for carrying groceries and supplies.

There are also BCycle Kiosks all over Santa Barbara and Goleta where you can rent e-bikes.

Below are some links for public transportation services in the close vicinity of SBCAST: