Guest Living Studios

The two 3rd floor, penthouse, Guest Living Studios are designed to support temporary residencies (typically 1-3 months) by artists, scientists, scholars and academics. Residency applicants are often associated with Santa Barbara institutions, however they may be affiliated with other national or international organizations or be effectively independent. Guest Living Studios are fully-furnished, 400 square feet and include: ceramic tile flooring, extensive storage, bathroom with tub and shower, kitchen with refrigerator, cooktop range/oven and microwave. Units are heated via a built-in, solar thermal, water radiator. Guest Living Studio entrances use standard key locks with securing deadbolts. Guest Living Studio residents also have keypad access to the laundry room (washer and dryer) and the two unisex restrooms on the ground floor of SBCAST. All utilities, including wifi, are provided by SBCAST.

Guest Living Studios Q and R are on the third floor and accessible by stairway.

Pricing Info for Guest Living Studios and other spaces.