Living Studios

Living Studios are for 18 month, termed-living, residencies.  Termed leasing creates opportunity for new artist/scientist/technologist residents, thoughts and patterns.  Living Studios are unfurnished, 400 square feet and include: ceramic tile flooring, extensive storage, bathroom with tub and shower, kitchen with refrigerator, cooktop range/oven and microwave.  Studios are heated via built-in, solar thermal, water radiator.  Living Studio entrances use standard key locks with securing deadbolts.  Living Studio residents also have RFID keycard access to the Laundry room (washer and dryer), the two unisex restrooms on the ground floor of SBCAST and the Workshop at the west end of the SBCAST Courtyard.  All utilities, except telecommunications, are provided by SBCAST.

  • Living Studio H
  • Living Studio J
  • Living Studio K
  • Living Studio L
  • Living Studio M
  • Living Studio N
  • Living Studio P

Living Studio H is on the ground floor of SBCAST.  Living Studios J, K, L, M, N, and P are on the second floor of SBCAST, accessible by stairway. Each Living Studio has a different architectural personality, defined by presence of Dutch doors, external patios, access to rooftop gardens and window type and placement.

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