Rooftop Garden Patios

There are three Rooftop Garden Patios at SBCAST.  All are accessible by stairway.  Patios feature outdoor seating, BBQ grill, picnic and coffee tables.  Two Patios are 400 square feet and one is 300 square feet.  The Patios afford lovely views of downtown Santa Barbara.  Electricity and water access provided.   … Continue reading


The SBCAST Quadrangle is defined by earth-tone panel fencing, site buildings and permeable pavers.  Ambient illumination is provided by a uniquely customizable, DMX-based, iPad-controlled, LED full color, lighting system.  Users can “paint” the buildings bracketing the Quadrangle in colors and intensities of light, much as a painter applies oils to a canvas. Lighting can be …

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Urban Farm

The Urban Farm holds three large raised planter beds, and a series of hanging planter boxes, for a total of 120 square feet of gardening space. Planters hold both succulents and vegetables. The Farm is irrigated via the nearby rainwater cistern, and city water is available as backup. … Continue reading

Aerial Rigging Points

There are three (3) Aerial Rigging Points at SBCAST. The Points are forged eyebolts, 1” diameter steel stock, 3” ID, 10,000 pound rated for vertical loading. These are mounted 17 feet high and spaced 4 feet from building wall and 9 feet between eyebolts. Also, there is a suspension bridge (20 feet long) suitable for …

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