SBCAST was conceived according to sensible sustainable principles:

  1. Durable, low-maintenance, resource-efficient (in terms of materials, energy, water and money).
  2. Simple building forms and layouts that are highly adaptable over time (ref. S. Brand “How Buildings Learn”).  The SBCAST project is simple and versatile.
  3. Maximizes use of recycled/re-used (and re-usable) building materials: SBCAST was originally designed with ISBU’s (now oriented to equivalent modular construction); retaining and re-using the existing pre-engineered metal building, etc.).
  4. Application of extensive/integrated storm water management and re-use system (i.e. high-albedo pervious paving, storage tanks, green roof areas, etc.).  Net-Zero Energy (low-energy systems, PV and solar water heating systems, bikes, etc.).
  5. The site was selected because it was in an “industrial” C-M Zone, a run-down area, that was, nevertheless, close to downtown and therefore, highly accessible, bike-able and walk-able.