The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology


Art is created for the purpose of communicating a feeling, such as curiosity, unfairness, or wonder. The desire for expression of feeling provides motivation. Artists employ technology to better express their feelings through their work. The creative, foundational, impulse for art is subjective.  The artist is stimulated by the environmental medium, and is limited by awareness. Art is created because of the desire to express experiential feelings. The form of subjective knowledge expression is not specified.

Science is the systematic study of environment through sensory perception and experiment. Motivation for study, and experiential objective communication, results from feelings. Artistic temperament drives scientific inquiry. The foundational impulse, for scientific inquiry, is identical to artistic process. Science is established because of desire to determine and communicate experiential observations, identified pattern and theory. The manner of communication is specified and is optimally objective. Science defines a systematic way of acquiring and communicating knowledge.

Technology consists of tools and methods that enhance human ability. Technology is developed by the practical application of the scientific method. Motivation for technology development results from feelings. Technologies change how one perceives and affects the environment. The foundational impulse, for technology development, is identical to artistic process. Technology is created because of desire to craft new methods and tools to enhance ability and awareness. Technology has profound impact on artistic and scientific process because the artist/scientist can access new information and has extended capability. Technology creation is sourced from scientific process.


Art – Communication of inner (subjective) experience – reflected by semiotics, symbolism, visceral and multi-sensory presentation. Art is the consequence of motivating core impulses. Blind Orion, hero and hunter, has a strong desire to find the rising sun to restore his eyesight. Orion represents the artist who strives for clarity. Also searching, determined Ceres, goddess of agriculture, wants to find her daughter – Persepina. Ceres represents the artist who seeks justice and the (re)discovery of what’s important.

Colorful oil painting of woman/goddess holding flaming torches lunging towards a man/god in bright red robe.
Ceres and Jupiter – Artist: Antoine Callet (French, 1777)
Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun – Artist: Nicolas Poussin (French, 1658)
Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun – Artist: Nicolas Poussin (French, 1658)

Science – Communication of outer (objective) experience – reflected by logical protocols and discipline, defines a pathway for knowledge seekers. The path, through the trees and over mountains, shows Orion which way to go, with Cedalion’s help. Similarly, Ceres addresses Jupiter and Juno, for help in finding Persepina.

Technology – Tools that extend our abilities – reflected by enhanced sensory perception, behavioral assistance and physical reach. Cedalion, Hephaestus’s servant, is carried by Orion and serves as technology, because Cedalion helps Orion see the pathway to the rising sun. Equivalently, the torches help Ceres see into the dark places where Persepina may be hidden.