The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology establishes a foundation for participants to co-exist in a creative space. The SBCAST founders believe that Art, Science and Technology are intertwined. Fully creative, innovative, environments can be constructed by recognizing and embracing the links between these areas. The ability to innovate, supported by a motivating environment, is encouraged when needed resources are present. SBCAST resources include community presence, communication facilitation, physical infrastructure and tools. The SBCAST founders believe that working collaborations, among typical “Cylinders of Excellence”, are required to solve vexing problems of human endeavor.

Low Cost “Light Industrial” Working Space

Santa Barbara benefits from new development to support artist and “cottage”, low cost, light industrial working space. Recent property-use disputes, in the funk zone, illustrate the personal impact of this lack of functional, safe and low cost working space.

Infrastructure to Support Education

Santa Barbara is home to UCSB and SBCC, two educational institutions among the finest Universities and City Colleges in California. Santa Barbara benefits as new opportunities evolve for UCSB and SBCC faculty, visiting scholars and students to engage city residents. Engagement takes the form of lectures, workshops, educational opportunities, residencies and mentoring.

Collaborative Working Models and Future Economic Vitality

More than ever, it’s important to connect with people to successfully create and develop. With the increasing advent of new technical professions, opportunities to juxtapose disciplines are very important to enhance economic vitality. Out of the mixing of ideas and perspective comes new knowledge.

Extending and Enhancing Green Vision

Increasingly, Santa Barbara has been focusing on the importance of recycling, water reclamation, energy efficiency and environmental protection. The founders of SBCAST hold efficiency and economy in high regard. SBCAST was designed for efficient, non-wasteful, construction and operation. The SBCAST environment reflects that we can use conventional building materials in novel, efficient and attractive ways, we can live without consuming excessive resources, we can recycle most everything and that we can employ renewable resources in our work.