Work Spaces

SBCAST holds a number of different types of Work Spaces, including a shared industrial Workshop, an Outside Covered Work Plaza, Urban Farm and Exhibition Studios/Classrooms/Community Rooms.

The Workshop, on the ground floor and at the back of the SBCAST site, is suitable as a private, partially-shared or fully-communal workspace.  The Workshop is for termed-work circumstances, typically on the order of 18 months, although longer/shorter terms are possible.  The workshop is 1200 square feet (30’ x 40’) and includes: RFID keycard entrance, bathroom, concrete flooring, industrial stainless-steel sink with hot/cold water, quiet ceiling fans, high ceilings and electricity access.  Living Studio residents have RFID keycard access to the Workshop.  All utilities, including wifi, are provided by SBCAST.

The Outside Covered Work Plaza (20′ x 30′) is setup for fabrication, including metal, plastic or woodwork.  The Urban Farm surrounds the Work Plaza and incorporates a number of raised planter beds.  The Exhibition Studios/Classrooms/Community Rooms are polished interior spaces, each 400 square feet.

Pricing Info for Work Spaces and other spaces.