Adam Potter Scott

Hello there. I’m Adam Scott and I work as a sound designer and composer in New York. My current work with SBCAST involves generative multimedia, biofeedback, haptics, and sensory data transposition.

I started my career working as a promotions assistant for ClearChannel while studying Music Composition at Purchase College in 2004. I obtained my Masters of Music at Purchase in 2008, and for the next few years worked as a roadie, stagehand, front of house mixer, and almost every other job in the trenches of the music industry.

About ten years ago, I stumbled into a commercial songwriting contract. One thing led to another, and as of 2021 I’ve written hundreds of jingles, music beds, mnemonics, and remixes for television. Much of this work has been with Viacom, and the music I’ve written for various Nickelodeon shorts and promotional campaigns has received multiple ProMax awards. Additionally, my official SpongeBob Square Pants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Remixes have accumulated millions of views on YouTube and Instagram.

I also collaborate with the Questyroyal Fine Art Gallery in New York as a content producer and music composer. My score for the Questroyal Fine Art commissioned documentary, “Blakelock: The Great Mad Genius” was even awarded Best Original Music at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Fine Arts Film Festival. Critic and conductor Dan Keppel kindly wrote in his review:

“The score is tremendously moving. The musical narrative… brings vibrant life, intuitive meaning and final ecstasy to this stunning short.” Daniel Kepl | Performing Arts Review

At the 2019 Santa Barbara International Fine Arts Film Festival, I was fortunate enough to connect with the creative force behind SBCAST, artist / designer Alan Macy. Our mutual interests resulted in a series of projects that blur the lines between performer, audience, and technology. In early 2020, I composed music specifically for a haptic speaker array designed by Crowson Technology and installed at SBCAST’s Studio E. This piece, titled Sub-Bass Sonata, is specially tuned and mastered for Studio E, and can only be experienced at SBCAST. For our next project, I programmed an audio/visual generator for a custom ECG and pulse amplification system created by Macy. This project, called Edge Case, produces real-time melodies and 3D graphics that are derived from a single participant’s heartbeat. Edge Case also allows for third-party interaction so that the generative music can be manipulated and played like an instrument.

Our current collaboration is a digital extension of Macy’s Biometric Campfire called The Autonomic Orchestra. The Autonomic Orchestra generates music that is entirely structured and arranged in real-time by the participants’ heartbeats.

You can listen to my work at and

Adam Scott
Multimedia Producer
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