Young lightly pigmented woman with short black hair, a red abstract art piece on the wall behind her. A glass hand hung on a wall with a human hand touching it palm to palm.

Joana Burd

Artist, educator and researcher of haptic aesthetics. Graduated in Visual Arts in 2014 (UFRGS, Brazil) and Master in Visual Poetics in 2018 (UFRGS, Brazil), Burd is currently doing her PhD research at Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona, where she is also working as a professor. Joana has already presented seven solo shows, recently exhibiting her works in Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, and Berlin. In 2021 he received the LA RODA II award for art and technology for young creators from the city of Barcelona with the exhibition “Automatons: sentimental prototypes”.

My work develops within art, physics and technology through interactive sculptures, videos and sound installations, collaborating with artists, performers and engineers. I focus my practice in a hybrid of low technology assemblies and open source coding platforms. The pieces aim to offer tactile experiences for the public to interact and engage their bodies with the vibration phenomenal. I research how motors and speakers can question objects of desire and the gender perspective in the digital field. I’m also interested in the affective impact of technology and how to create new forms of dialog through touch and haptic devices.