Scotty Slade Wagner

Scotty Slade Wagner is the son of a dentist and a veterinarian and youngest of five brothers. He has always craved attention. As a kid, he sought it out by making people laugh. This often meant “misbehaving.” As an adult, little has changed, but somewhere between the two he felt like there was something wrong with that so he tried a lot of other things that gave him many new skills, such as those in sculpture, animation, and video. No longer able to deny his deep cravings for attention, he recently arrived back at performance as his main focus, striving to combine entertaining theatrics with comedy and critical insight into contemporary life and culture. In, “Stage,” he plays the role of a Director in a casting, giving participants the chance to audition for a fictitious play, generating scenes that will be transcribed through a photographic process of live, projected drawing. He received a BFA in Performing Arts Technology – Media Arts from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and is currently pursuing his MFA at UCSB, along with other life dreams.