Shannon Willis

As a professional artist for the past eight years I have shown my mixed media paintings in galleries and exhibitions on the west coast. Now I am expanding into the third dimension as my highly textured paintings have exploded out into installations and sculpture. I have a deep interest in quantum physics and phenomenology and wonder about existence and perception on a daily basis. These themes run though my work and can be seen in all of the disciplines I thrive in. My work is about the exploration of human connection built around technology and science. Inspired by the potential exchange between philosophy, science and spirituality I now create mixed media immersive environments. Using light, sculpture, projection and interactivity ignited by the viewer I can shift the burden and joy of creation from me as the artist onto the participants. The viewer becomes a performer and invested in the creation the experience. I create the objects and the script, providing spaces for the participants to become engaged, entertained, and entangled in the phenomena of being alive.

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