Sofia Bartolomeo

What does Raul Soares need?

What does Brazil need?

What does planet Earth need?

What must be stamped on our face, and then displayed on a 576 square meter mural, for all of us to understand?

We need to understand that we are all connected.

Because we think planet Earth is too big.
The sky, the oceans, the continents…

We think that small actions do not interfere.
But EVERYTHING interferes with EVERYTHING.
Every little action has a reaction.
From small to smallest, we create reality.

Which reality do we want – for us, for others, for the planet?

Because everything is the same thing.
Which reality do we want?

We want connection with the whole.
Thanking and celebrating nature for providing us with all the elements in abundance. Everything we need for LIFE.

Or do we want to kill her and kill ourselves?
Where are our actions taking us?
We have both options.

The Indians made a decision by placing Mother Nature in her role as a teacher. And then, the choice was made to honor, respect and learn from her.

By killing the Indians, we kill this ancient wisdom.

Raul Soares brings to the day-to-day the permanence of indigenous culture and the art created for this proposed project has the same purpose.

Make the result of our actions visible to the universe. Show our creative power and the possibilities to come.


Translated from Portuguese, an excerpt of Sofia Bartolomeo’s commentary on proposed artwork for Raul Soares.

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