70.70.70. Israeli Artists in Santa Barbara: 1st Artist Reception

70.70.70. is a three-galleries exhibition of the works of Contemporary Israeli Artists, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel. Each gallery will have a selection of Israeli artists, curated by Sagi Rafael of Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, and Lynn M. Holley, of Santa Barbara. It is sponsored by the Squire Foundation.

During the course of this multi-venue exhibition, lectures and artists talks will take place by various experts including, but not limited to, Israeli curator Sagi Refael. Dates, time and venues to be announced.

70.70.70 aims to expose the fascinating, innovative and less known scope of current artistic creations by Israeli artists. The exhibitions are initiated and curated by Sagi Refael, an Israeli art historian, author, curator and owner of Israeli Art in Los Angeles, and by Lynn M. Holley, writer, resident curator at SBCAST and Art@theJCC, co-manager of GraySpace Gallery, and founder and director of the 3-Minute Film Festivals.

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