First Thursday – August 4, 2016

1st Thursday August 4th 5:30-9PM, Santa Barbara resident Susan Tibbles, who is an artist and designer, is curating the grand works on tarp of LA artist Gino Perez at SBCAST, outside walls and inside studio D — The “G” space of Nancy Gifford’s unique SBCAST studio.

Gino Perez’s creative works are both timely and timeless – social commentaries that are as much a public call to arms as they are contemplative and private. His glass half full approach to cynical is most evident in his drawings and writings, which are quick-witted and ponderous. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience his work up-close and far away as they hang precipitous but secure from the outside walls of SBCAST.


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS @SBCAST – 1st Thursday, AUGUST 4, 5:00-9:00 p.m.

5:00-9:00 Running For Office Opening Reception, Suite C

Gino Perez Opening Reception, G Space

Pedro De La Cruz Opening Reception, Suite E

Media, Art & Technology Opening Reception, Suite F

Abolish Blandness CrowFish 2/BLENDER Reception, Suite A

6:30 Hard Stump Speeches by Simon Pure & Mr. Van,
Suite C

6:30-8:00 Durational Political Performances in Suite C

8:00 Campaign Procession throughout SBCAST

8:30/45 Courtyard FINALE with “Pickles”, Two Roosters & a
Celebratory Effigy