First Thursday – November 2019

AB Design Studio presents: [COME AS YOU ARE]

This is the third installment in a four-part architectural exhibition produced by four local modern architectural practices.

Please join AB design studio at SBCAST for [Come as You Are], a four part architectural exhibition series. AB design studio has been selected as the 3rd installment in this series of architect driven exploration. Vector-Xray-Data-Pixel-DIGITAL DIAGRAMS FOR A DESIGN PROCESS, created by our resident Creative Catalyst Josh Blumer and Ultimate Strategist Clay Aurell, draws the curtain back to reveal a bold view into the realm of digital architectural production. This exhibit attempts to immerse us in a point of view rarely seen by non-architects; a lens that focuses us on “that which the architect can see” during a digital design process built for work. Come experience content created by AB design studio Designer, Alex Parker in partnership with AB design studio Producer, Simon Feldstein. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore this realm of architectural production through a multi-dimensional presentation formatted to traditional printed graphics, video display and VR immersion.

AB design studio invites you to join us for opening night November 7th, 2019, Thursday, 6pm-10pm

Additional Gallery Hours:
November – Saturday 9th & 16th, Sunday 10th & 17th. 12 (noon) – 4pm.


Deja Vu
Mystery. Artistry. Awe.

A long time before our time, a civilization blossomed and rose to prominence in this place that we now know as Santa Barbara. The people of this time had technologies, ideologies, numbering systems and a language that developed, to such a degree, that their creations seem magical to us. They thought differently than us, though they lived with the same sunlight, they cared for this same land and they loved with the same intensity as we do now.

What did they create? Why? Where did they go? What was their language? Their numerical system? Music? How did they process sounds and sights and relationships? How connected to the earth were they? What mistakes did they make? What, ultimately, can we learn from them today?


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