First Thursday – October 2018

Projections by the Dead Soon Project – Gabriela Flores Magon

Special Projects – Media Arts and Technology, UCSB – STUDIO F #MAT

Food provided by Nimita’s cuisine РOrganic and tasty!

And two very special exhibitions in Studios D and E:

Hush: The Voices of Santa Barbara recognizes several artists within Santa Barbara’s community that identifies as a person of color and, more specifically, associates with being misrepresented, underrepresented, or silenced in their community. Throughout Santa Barbara’s history, many voices and opinions have been silenced or ignored because of race. This exhibition is one example that these voices and opinions will not be silenced any longer. STUDIO E

El Corazon is a solo-exhibition of a mixed-media artist.  The exhibition sheds light on the struggles that Latinx Americans face. Despite those difficulties the beauty of Latinx culture is strong and present in many forms. Oakland based artist, Natalia Anciso, puts these themes into her art reflecting experiences of urban youth of color, women of color, and her own upbringing as a Mexican-American woman. STUDIO D