FunkZone Podcast’s 100th Episode Extravaganza!

Join us Friday, November 18th at 6pm for the FunkZone Podcast’s 100th episode, recorded live!  Special guests, live music, and more!  A portion of the evenings proceeds will go to support Slingshot!

Ted Mills is a writer, director and artist in Santa Barbara. Each week he sits down with fellow creative folks for in depth interviews about art, creativity, commerce, inspiration and much more!

SlingShot is a working art studio and gallery which supports 34 Santa Barbara artists. It is an expansion of the art studio program developed by Alpha Resource Center. Since 1980, Alpha has promoted artists with developmental disabilities through participation in gallery and juried art shows. The artists are recognized for their talent and have developed dedicated collectors. SlingShot gives the artists greater visibility and access to the rich local art world. It also gives our community better access to their work.