Maiza Hixson Mayoral Campaign Headquarters

Santa Barbara Mayoral Candidate Maiza Hixson will host a series of free, community-engaged dialogues, workshops and performances in Suite E as part of her 2017 Campaign. The public is invited to visit, learn about and volunteer for her campaign throughout May and June. Email for more details or to contribute your ideas for public art and urban planning initiatives.

Campaign Statement: 

“We must make Santa Barbara a place where it’s not impossible to afford decent housing while you work in the arts, film, theater, agriculture, and the service industry. THIS is the first priority—we must make housing in Santa Barbara affordable for average people, including working class artists.

Join this artistic mayoral campaign if you’re looking to end: 1) Blind adherence to governmental bureaucracy and all its lies; 2) The perpetuation of political theater where democratic participation means being manipulated as a tool by the junk yard lap dogs of self-serving Art czars and tyrants; 3) Zombie Capitalism in which our precious time is wasted on illusions of blind consumerism and the American Dream while our environment is polluted and our main streets become hostile places for the homeless and small business owners, while developers continue to cater to the highest bidder.” 


Artists connected to this event: