Poets for Peace

Poets For Peace is a collective movement of bringing hope and inspiration onto the road to combat the negative impacts of the Western war machine through dialogue and storytelling. This installment will be fronted by LA artists Omar Pitras Waqar and Ilana Issa Alazzeh and traveling poet Marshall James Kavanaugh.

Omar Pitras Waqar and Ilana Issa Alazzeh are Gardens For The Lush, an English Ghazal-style poetic collaboration with anarcho-sufi notions for love and dissent accompanied by sitar, vocals, and electric tanpuri. Marshall James Kavanaugh has spent the last few years traveling the country, collecting haikus from the expansive big skies found out west and fast-paced cities back east, most recently publishing a collection of essays from his experiences with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

In each word these three poets share the intention of a better world manifested through communal exchange. Together their poetic musings will direct the audience towards a sense of inner peace that will shine a beacon of light onto the darkness of the outer world.