Tea & Crumpets

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  • Venue: SBCAST

    513 Garden Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Swing by SBCAST on Tuesdays, between 3-4pm, as we will be serving tea and treats on the rooftop.  A perfect opportunity for a casual drop-in and to say hello to our resident artists and to indulge yourself in the time honored tradition of “Tea and Crumpets”.

This coming Tuesday, April 4th, we are kickstarting our weekly tea event with an opportunity to meet with artist Ethan Turpin. Ethan will be sharing his Stereoscopes and his collection of graphically altered images from the turn of the century. These can be viewed through the antique victorian viewers, yes, in STEREO VISION! This was a sensation a hundred years ago and with Ethan’s witty and surprising photo image collages, one will smile and chuckle in delight!

So come on over and say hello!

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