June 1st Thursday at SBCAST

Santa Barbara Shakespeare
1st THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2018
TIME: 5:00-9:00PM

“I would challenge you to a battle of wits but I see thou art unarmed”.

Come join us for a night of themed drinks, music, art aerial dance and Shakespearean insults during the First Thursday art exhibition at SBCAST! Santa Barbara Shakespeare will be performing a variety of monologues throughout the night, while sharing with guests a selection of hand-picked Shakespearean insults for them to use while they drink Shakespearean-themed beer and enjoy the current work on exhibit at SBCAST.

The exhibition will be open from 5pm to 9pm on June 7th, and entrance is free with donations being accepted during the event.

Come on out to learn more about Santa Barbara Shakespeare, meet the members of our group, and hear some great poetry by the bard himself!

Rose Briccetti: Nature Morte
1st THURSDAY, June 7
TIME: 5:00-9:00PM

My interdisciplinary and intermedia practice combines deep historical, artistic, and scientific research with artmaking to re-present natural and cultural histories through a feminist lens. My work weaves together strange truths, biology, museology, cultural myths, female sexuality, internet culture, and personal experience using humor and vivid visuals.

I am influenced by an array of women-and-nature mythologies, from classical mythology to fairy tales to contemporary stories. Growing up in Missouri surrounded by evangelical Christians, my work is profoundly influenced by biblical ideas about the darkness of womanhood, celestial displays of power through nature, and Christian eschatology.

My interests in biology, eccentric taxonomies, and collecting are rooted in my past work in natural history museum exhibition design. My study of the natural world though collections led to my fascination with the wildness, humanness, and interconnectedness of nature. A student of museum history, I am particularly fascinated by early modern museums as spaces where science, history, and art can coexist under the umbrella of inquiry, rather than as strictly separate disciplines.

As an avid internet-er and connoisseur of memes and the little-known corners of Youtube, I approach my work the dada-aesthetic and dark sense of humor that dominates internet culture— both for better, and for worse. My image making process begins with strange but true historical facts, excavated through research online, and in libraries and collections. I delve into the strange facts and stories I come across in a way that toes the line between schizophrenic and ecological, creating eccentric taxonomies and making unusual connections. I then collect online photos and physical ephemera from low-brow sites like dollar and thrift stores, Craigslist, and swap meets. My image making process slowly and carefully combines and re-configures my taxonomical found images in Photoshop, creating dense internet-meme-cum-history-paintings. I often translate my digital images into painstakingly handmade paintings and prints, sometimes adding humorous and strange pieces of writing that accompany the images and question their veracity and authority. My sculptural and installation practice looks for broad themes in my collecting, including female sexuality, gender, the lines between collecting and hoarding, absurdity, consumption, and the dark side of the natural world. As themes emerge, I recombine materials into mysterious and strange

amalgamations, working quickly and intuitively. I also engage with performance, building taxonomies around personal stories and finding humorous and unusual ways to subvert the genres of personal narrative, monologues, and lectures.

By rejecting strict disciplinary boundaries and organizational structures, I blur the lines between dichotomies like truth/fiction, highbrow/lowbrow, and objective/subjective. Thus, my work questions the authority of information as a way of accessing truth in a post-truth world. I de- hierarchize and reconfigure hegemonies including capitalism, patriarchy, Western science and knowledge, and art history to allow secrets and the overlooked the come into sharper focus.

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Paul Tefft: Phenomenal Phish
1st THURSDAY, June 7
TIME: 5:00PM-9:00PM

Paul is a long-time Santa Barbara fisherman and metal worker who has sculpted a number of types of fish into metal images. These creative works are both wall hangings and free-standing on pedestals. Bringing his fish to the art-world is part of his commitment to offer the public a way to identify the fish that still swim in our seas and to keep our oceans viable and clean. Fish are phenomenal — one of the most significant parts of the world’s food-chain.

1st THURSDAY, June 7
TIME: 5:00-9:00PM

The June 7th (First Thursday) MAT Exhibition will include selected works from the following description in SBCAST, Studio F.

Join UCSB Media Arts and Technology program for our End of Year Show, a presentation and celebration of this year’s research in electronic music, emergent media, computer science, engineering, and art. Together we can share in a transcendent experience as new art forms are born and cutting-edge expressive media is unleashed.

Our theme this year is Invisible Machine, representing the mechanism of inducing transformation in the world of Media Arts. At MAT, our community research is the art of the “invisible becoming visible” in every field, from revealing the abstracted processes between input and output of a machine, to turning the complicated scientific data into shapes and colors. As technologists and artists, we weave through this diverse research in novel ways, creating new works that transcend the present way we view the world. Our show is the product of this process, and we invite all to join us in its celebration.

The EoYS Invisible Machine exhibition features demonstrations, installations, performances, and concerts by over 50 student and faculty members at MAT, AlloSphere Research Facility, Experimental Visualization Lab, Four Eyes Lab, RE-Touch Lab, Systemics Lab, and transLAB.

Immerse yourself in the world of new media, with demonstrations and performances spanning computer graphics, robotics, data visualization, virtual reality, generative art and experimental music.

Seize your opportunity to tour UCSB’s Allosphere, open to the public for only two days a year.
See – Info about the AlloSphere

Opening remarks will be given by MAT Program Chair, Professor Marko Peljhan.

All events are free and open to the public, Refreshments are provided at the events. If you have any further questions, please contact the end of year show team at show@mat.ucsb.edu.

For events at CNSI, all-day parking and short-term parking (payable at pay stations) are available in Lot 10.

For events at SBCAST, parking is available at SB City Parking Lots 10 and 11. These lots are a two block walk to SBCAST.
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Here is real-time parking availability –
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The “Invisible Machine” will also be present at the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology on June 7, 2018 as part of the First Thursday events.

Location and time: SBCAST, 513 Garden st. Thursday, June 7th, 5pm – 9pm

Programs are subject to change. Please consult the EoYS 2018 website at MAT End Of Year Show Info


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