Dr. Mike North

Dr. North is involved in all aspects of our technological charge from inventing new materials and technologies in a cleanroom, to creating cutting edge prototypes on Discovery Channel’s Prototype This! Brimming with enthusiasm, Mike’s engaging personality makes him an energetic and charismatic science and technology advocate inspiring grade-schoolers to CEOs.

A master of the “nano” world Mike earned a Ph.D. and Masters in Materials Science and Engineering, as well as graduating summa cum laude in Mechanical Engineering, from U.C. Santa Barbara. During his graduate work, he designed and fabricated the world’s first adhesive that can be turned on and off electronically. It was inspired by biological adhesives systems, such as the one used by geckos. Mike’s scientific interests delve into specialties such as biomimetics, micro/nanofabrication, nanoscale microscopy and micro/nanomechanical characterization. His investigations in these areas have been published in leading scientific journals, including Advanced Materials and Nature.

“Doc” North (A.K.A. “Number One”) is presently in residence at SBCAST, working on a range of projects associated with the Human I/O Lab.