A lightly pigmented bearded man with wavy dark hair, wearing eyeglasses and dark shirt. Layers of wavy patterns. The words "Generating Sound & Organizing Time Thinking with gen book 1".

Graham Wakefield

Graham Wakefield is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in the department of Computational Arts at York University, where he leads the Alice Lab, dedicated to computational art practice and software development for audio and mixed/hybrid reality. His ongoing research practice applies a deep commitment to the open-endedness of computation—as an art material—as expressed both in new software for artists and musicians (such as the gen~ environment for Max/MSP), as well as immersive artworks of biologically-inspired systems (working with Haru Ji as Artificial Nature). Graham has published a well-reviewed book (“Generating Sound & Organizing Time”) along with research publications in the Computer Music Journal, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Leonardo, ICMC, NIME, SIGGRRAPH, ISEA, EvoWorkshops, and many more.