A woman with Asian features posing for the camera wearing a light brown dress. A night time view of projected tree trunks and roots on the second story outer walls of a city building.

Haru Ji

Haru Hyunkyung JI is a media artist and co-creator of the art research project “Artificial Nature”. The motivation is to create artificial ecosystems as shared realities to shatter the perspective of humans as the center of the world and to deepen our understanding of the complex intertwined connections in dynamic living systems. She holds a Ph.D. in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California Santa Barbara and is an Associate Professor in Experimental Animation at the OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.

She has participated in numerous international art and media art exhibitions and worked as jury member for SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia, ISEA, and SIGCHI DIS and has published articles in Leonardo, Stream04, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications among others.