Hila Laiser Beja

Hila Laiser-Beja is a multidisciplinary artist creating works of sculpture, painting, drawing, installation, video, and etching; as well as collaborating in the fields of choreography and dance. She holds diplomas in photography from the Camera Obscura School in Tel Aviv and in interior architecture from ORT Career College in Jerusalem. Laiser-Beja received her B.F.A in The department of fine arts & education for arts from Haifa University and her M.A. in Interdisciplinary Art from Tel Aviv University. For the last few years, Laiser-Beja’s works have explored the image of the ‘Home’ and its perception in the Israeli and international cultural contexts. Her works deal with the place of the home as a domestic space in light of the national and symbolic home; a sheltered and personal space vs the society’s public image of it, a secluded sanctuary yet also acting as a limitation; an ideal but yet mundane habitat. The idea of home and house is expressed in her works not only through the image but also through materials: Laiser-Beja creates symbolic sculptural environments, composed of concrete and iron rods, typically used for building construction. In her creations, these materials are subjected to her private point of view in terms of form, concept and materiality. Along with her main focus, Laiser-Beja deals with the representation of women and their presence in desolate, abandoned, and often dangerous places. She examines the individual coping with the situations in which they are placed. Similarly, in her abstract video pieces, Laiser-Beja creates a continuous narrative relating to the connection between video, painting, static and motion; and also touches on social, political, and historical narratives; which are not classified under specific titles but rather allow the viewers to form their own associations. Laiser-Beja has exhibited her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including exhibitions in the Petah Tikva Museum of Art, the Ilana Goor Museum (Jaffa), the Artist’s House (Tel Aviv), and the Suzanne Dellal Center (Tel Aviv). Her works are found in collections in Israel, Italy, England, and the United States. Hila Laiser-Beja lives in Mevasseret Zion and works in her studio in Tel Aviv Israel. Less

M.A. The Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts, Tel-Aviv university
B.A. ART & art education in Haifa University,

The Other Art Fair – London 2017

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Leakage, Tova Osman gallery, Tel Aviv
2015 Loose Foundations, ArtSpace, Tel Aviv. Curator: Nir Harmat
2014 Creation Looking for a Home, Beit Arza, Motza Ilit, Jerusalem. Curator: Dr. Lihi Habas.
2013 Harvest Moon, Zaritsky Artists’ House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sagi Refael (Catalogue)
2012 Elementary Particle, Permanent installation, Zaritsky Artists’ House, Tel Aviv.
Curator: Arie Berkowitz
2010 The Home Within, Sara Erman gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

2017 Aiming for Touch(down), P8 gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sagi Refael
2017 Home Sweet Home, Beit Benyamini , Tel Aviv. Curator: Merav Rahat
2016 One Night Exhibition, Petach Tikva Museum of Art
2016 Banish the Darkness, Binyamin gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Carmel Goffer
2016 Heaven & Earth, Ilana Goor museum, Jaffa. Curator: Nit Harmat
2016 AlHamakom, Binyamin gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Galina Arbeli & Adi Karelitz
2016 Summer Show, Rosenbach Contemporary, Jerusalem
2016 Artist Wallx9, ArtSpace, Tel Aviv. Curator: Dalia Danon
2015 “2016” Benefit exhibition, Hanina gallery. Tel Aviv
2015 Rav-Kav, Municipal gallery, Yavne. Curator: Roni Reuven
2015 Collections, Traces in the Valley Museum, Gan Hashlosha. Curator: Elad Armon
2015 Death and the Maiden, Beit Yad LeBanim Gallery, Rishon Letzion, Curator: Keren Weisshaus.
2015 Layers, Jaffa Museum, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yael Fridman & Avi Vinogard.
2014 Trapped?, Galuyot 45, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shirley Meshulam
2014 Secret Art7, Leumi Bank. Curators: Doron Pollack and Esti Drori
2012 Daughter of Zion, Art House, Mevaseret, Jerusalem. Curator: Nomi Tannhauser
2012 The 5th Sculptural Initiative, Galil Park, Karmiel. Curator: Salo Shaul
2012 There is No Culture without Bread, Zaritsky Artists’ House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Etamar Beglikter
2012 Deception2, Bet Alon Museum, Kibbutz Ginosar. Curator: Orna Izraeli
2012 State of matter, Titan House. Curator: Merav Zaks
2011 Black & White, Red House Art gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Sasha Okun, Shlomo HarPaz, and Zvika Zelikovich
Tabula Rasa, Art in the Public Space, Jerusalem. Curators: Hila Smolyanski and Itamar Paloge 2011
2011 Panta Rei, Testing Tools, Mazeh 9, Tel Aviv. Curator: : Arie Berkowitz
2011 Mega Tinta, Zaritsky Artists’ House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Nurit Zilberberg
2011 Imagination, Bank HaPoalim, Tel Aviv.
2010 Bread and Roses, Minshar Art gallery. Curators: Nir Nader, Tami Barkai, Dani Ben-Simhon and Sharon Lior.
2010 The Annual Yearot Menashe Festival. Curator: Hila Sali
2010 Group Picture with Elena, Arts House, Mevaseret. Curator: Sonia Abramovitz
2009 InsideIsrael- Contemporary Israeli Artists, Shanghai. Curator: Iris Elhanani
2009 Self Portrait, Bitan HaOmanim, Rishon LeZion. Curators: Ester Shoshani and Rafi Carmeli.
2009 Urban Experience, Gebo gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Johanan Herson
2008 Yes, No, Black, White, Arts House, Mevaseret. Curator: Shlomo HarPaz

Multimedia Projects

2012 Set design, “Home”, Dance performance by Yuko Imazaike, Nights of the Rising Sun, Contemporary Japanese Dance, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv
2010 Video documenting, “Too light of a Darkness”, Dance performance by Ari Pasterman


2013-2015 MA, Multidisciplinary-Arts program, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv
2011 Progressive Etching, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem, Israel
2003-2004 Photography courses, “Masa Aher” – Geographic Photography College, Tel Aviv
1996-1998 Interior Architecture and Design, ORT College, Jerusalem
1989-1992 BA, Creative Arts Faculty, Haifa University, Haifa
1986-1987 Camera Obscura School of Art, Haifa

Art Fairs

2009 Florentin 45 gallery, Fresh Paint art fair, Tel Aviv. Curator: Gilat Nadivi


Private collections in Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Israel.

2015 Adama Dance Company, Mitzpe Ramon Less

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