Sally Krysztal Kramberg

I am a multidisciplinary artist working in several mediums including video, photography, crafts, performance and installation. Throughout my career, I have undertaken an in-depth research on local and international crafts that are disappearing from the world. I have made a conscious decision to integrate them into my creative process to express issues I find urgent in society. Usually speaking out the voice of the ‘other’ (the immigrant, gender ext) through a use of my own self portrait in versus ways in my art work. Connecting contemporary art and crafts into a new hybrid in which the human conflicts are in the center.

My recent practice is engaging different art fields including dance, music and theatre. To embody the ray of skills and styles featured I collaborated with a community of artists, craftsmen’s and other experts from different art fields. Ever since I have been applying this combination, I found that my work is moving between two different poles. One of them is a solo individual studio work and the other is a very challenging and creative group work.

Currently, continuing an interest with folklore, fairytales and gender issues. I am working on a new body of work which focuses on the phenomena of the passive archetype princesses in fairytales – from past to the present. And at the same time, I’m engaged in a research of urban mapping through craft and a creation of an urban story of variant cities of significant emotional and historic value in general and to me in a more personal way.

Born in Paris, France, 1970
Lives & works in Tel-Aviv, Israel

1990-1994 Jewellery & Silversmith,”Meimade” Art and craft academy, Tel Aviv
1999-2002 Art and Photography ,”Hamidrasha” Faculty of Art , Beyt – Bearl College

Solo Exhibitions:
2014 – Je Te Vois ,The Zaritsky Artist House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Sagi Refael
2012 – Charivari, Ha’kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery ,Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: yael keyni
2010 – Paper work, the Heder gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Neta Gal-Atzmon
2007 – Pincemi et Pinecemoi, Ha’kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery , Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Yaniv Shapira
2004 – If You Will It, Haifa Museum of Art , Haifa, Israel, Curator: Yehudit Matzkel
2002 – 11.95×6.91+, Ramat-Gan Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan, Israel, Curator: Simcha Shirman

​ Selected Group Exhibition:
2017 – I Was Here, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Tel-Aviv, Curator : Marina Pozner
2017 – Aiming for touch(down), P8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator : Sagi Refael
2016 – Non Contagious, Hansen House, Jerusalem
2015 – Silent Movies, Cavendish Square, London, Curators: Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie
2015 – Not in Heaven, Beita, Jerusalem, Israel, Curator: Anat Litwin
2015 – Re)(Apetura, Laira Dedios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014 – Lightness of Material, Bet Michal, Rehovot, Israel, Curator: Carmit Blumenzon
2013 – Between Wear and Awareness, Binyamin gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, curator: Orly Roman
2013 – Local Pulse, Zaritsky Artist House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curators: Arie Bercowitz, Orly Hophman
2012 – Butterflies in the stomech, The Meirov House Gallery, Holon, Israel, Curator: Yehudit Matzkel
2009 – Sarah & Bobs, P8 Galerry Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Rakefet Viner-Omer
2007 – Displacements: Immigration at a Young Age, MoBY Museum of Bat Yam, Bat Yam, Israel, Curator: Milana Gitzin-Adiran
2007 – Desert Generation, Ha’kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery , Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: David Tartakover
2006 – Tracing Shadows, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, Curator: Ayana Fridman
2005 – Liga, Bait Banamal, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Galia Yahav
2004 – Taking the Rabbit out of the Hat, Rehovot Municipal Gallery & Art Gallery of Tivon, Israel, Curator: Yhudit Matzkel

Film Festivals:
2016 – Concordia, film expositie, Enschede, Netherlands
2015 – AVAF, Addis Video Art Festival, Ethiopia
2014 – Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel
2013 – Select Fair, Miami
2013 – Magic Lantern Film Festival, Stowe, VT, USA

2017 – Beauty is the Beast, The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem, Israel
2017 – Wall Bandages, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Tel-Aviv, israel
2012 – The Tattooed Lady, Mediatheque, Holon, Israel
2010 – Oz in the city, Halalit, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2017 – Israeli Art in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA
2014 – HomeBasePoject , Nano Residency Jerusalem, Israel

Scholarships and Awards:
2014 – Rabinovitch scholarship for the Je Te Vois exhibition
2006 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, America-Israel Cultural Foundation, purchase scholarship

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