Young dark haired bearded man staring intently at us. A geometric buidling with projection of an abstract design on all of the flat walls but not on windows or overhangs and ledges.

Iason N. Paterakis

Iason N. Paterakis is an Architect-Engineer, Media Artist, and researcher based in California. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Media, Arts & Technology (MAT) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is a member of transLAB, a trans-disciplinary laboratory supervised by Vice Chair Professor Marcos Novak. Since 2012, he has been working as a researcher at the Transformable Intelligent Environments Laboratory (TIE Lab) at the School of Architectural Engineering TUC, under the Vice Dean, Professor Konstantinos-Alketas Oungrinis. His research is focused on developing methodologies, mechanisms, and know-how for designing and fabricating paradigms of speculative augmented environments, with a strong emphasis on hybrid AI-driven environments. He has been actively involved in workshops, exhibitions, and international interdisciplinary conferences including SIGGRAPH 2023 /”The Synaptic Time Tunnel” funded by AUTODESK, Erasmus XR – Onassis Symposium /”The art and design of XR”, Culture and Computing /HCII 2020, International Astronautical Congress /IAC2015, “EcoRedux 02: Design manuals for a dying planet” in Disseny Hub Barcelona, among others. Currently, he is an Artist-in-Residence at the Santa Barbara Center for the Arts and Sciences.