MAT 25th Anniversary Show: Soft AI+M

Event Poster

Step into the fusion of Media, Arts, and Tech at UCSB’s Media Arts and Technology Program’s 25th Anniversary Show, Soft AI+M: Realities Altered, Realities Emerging in AI and Media.

Guest Artist: Angelos Floros

Performance by:
CREATE Ensemble (06 June @SBCAST)

Participating Artists

  • Ana Maria Cardenas Gasca
  • Diarmid Flatley
  • Deniz Caglarcan
  • Devon Frost
  • Emilie Yu
  • Emma Brown
  • Grace Feng
  • Iason Paterakis
  • Jazer Sibley-Schwartz
  • Jenni Hutson
  • Joyce Passananti
  • Lucy Bell
  • Marcel Rodriguez-Riccelli
  • Nefeli Manoudaki
  • Olifa Ching-Ying Haieh
  • Pratyush Bhattacharyya
  • Raina Lee
  • Ryan Millett
  • Sabina Hyoju Ahn
  • Sam Bourgault
  • Stejara Dinulescu
  • Timothy Wood
  • Weihao Qiu
  • Yifeng Yvonne Yuans
  • You-Jin Kim

MAT combines emergent media, computer science, engineering, electronic music, and digital art research, practice, production, and theory. Join us on June 5th at Elings Hall, UCSB, and June 6th at the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology (SBCAST).

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