Structural Analogy

Structural Analogy by Yuan-Yi Fan Type: installation Media: software, ipad, headphone, print Duration: 9:09 Dimension: 1m * 1m * 2m Version: Data-driven Visual Music – I #MAT Exhibit/Concert: at Opening Art Exhibit, Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology (SBCAST), 2/27/2016 Link to Media … Continue reading


Alexis Story Crawshaw exhibiting new work: κρουματογραφή [kroumatograph] – on First Thursday (3/3) at SBCAST, 5pm-8pm Kroumatograph is combine sonic and olfactory experience.  Standing acoustic waves are established in a room.  Juxtaposed with the varying sonic relationships, established around the room, are scents such as bergamot – crafting a relationship between senses touch and olfactory. …

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Fluid Motion

As part of MAT/SBCAST First Thursday (May 5th), David Gordon will present FLUID MOTION, a transdisciplinary performance combining live painting, video, and sound. Gordon’s painting process harnesses fluid dynamics to create complex marbling patterns, similar to Japanese suminagashi ink painting. By placing high flow acrylic paint on a wet canvas flat against the ground, then …

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THE ILLUSION OF DIFFERENCE & PROCEDENCIA Featuring live-visuals by: Juan Manuel Escalante, and recorded sounds by: Mr.Eddy (Tana Barbier and Lisa Gervassi) ‘The Illusion of Difference’ & ‘Procedencia’ are two live-performance pieces, assembled in 2013 at Mexico City. They represent the first two parts of a tryptic. ‘Procedencia’ combines hand-made-analog graphics with code generated imagery. …

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UCSB Media Arts and Technology End of Year Show 2016

WHITE NOISE – a noise containing all frequencies presented in equal proportion, represents all possibilities in equal likelihood. As this year’s theme, it represents the blank canvas; it’s the marble awaiting the sculptor to bring these possibilities to life. At MAT, our research is like white noise in that it contains “signals” from every field. …

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First Thursday – White Noise – UCSB MAT End of Year Show

EoYS 2016: TONIGHT! Final “White Noise” Event Invitation – “First Thursday” June 2nd – Last Day Date: 06.02.16 We, the EoYS Team, warmly invite you to participate in our final event of the year, happening tonight: “First Thursday” at SBCAST. Please come and support our MAT Artist-Researchers: I. Exhibiting Artist-Researchers: Şölen Kiratli and Akshay …

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First Thursday 7/7/2016 at SBCAST – 5:30pm to 10pm Studio F – Media Arts and Technology at UCSB ACCORDS Alexis Story Crawshaw— sounds, floral infusion Mark Hirsch— projections Accords is an installation exploring the cross-modal construct of flavor through the five traditional senses. The investigation begins with a tasting of sparkling water infused with a …

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Virtual Sonic Imagery

UCSB Media Arts and Technology Program (MAT) Also exhibiting this evening are Brian Hansen and Joshua Dickinson. Sonic Imagery is possibly the worlds first real-time virtual reality VJ set. It is an ongoing, collaborative performance exploring the new modes of interaction afforded by adding an audience-controlled VR helmet to a VJ show. The audience is …

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First Thursday – Accords No. 2

This 1st Thursday (October 6th) from 5-10pm at the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology (SBCAST): ACCORDS No. 2 Alexis Story Crawshaw Accords is an installation-composition project exploring both 1. the cross-modal construct of flavor through the five traditional senses and 2. the idea of music as a modulated and structured temporal experience, …

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DEEEP MODULAR Press – SB Independent DEEEP MODULAR is an event focused on the use/art of synthesizers within history and in the present-day movie, gaming and electronic music industries.  Special Guest will be Tom Oberheim (, creator of one of the most famous synthesizer companies in the world and one of the founders of MIDI …

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