UCSB Media Arts and Technology End of Year Show 2016

WHITE NOISE – a noise containing all frequencies presented in equal proportion, represents all possibilities in equal likelihood. As this year’s theme, it represents the blank canvas; it’s the marble awaiting the sculptor to bring these possibilities to life. At MAT, our research is like white noise in that it contains “signals” from every field. As technologists and artists, we weave through this diverse research in novel ways, creating new works that transcend the present way we view the world. Our show is the product of this process, and we invite all to join us in its celebration.  

The EoYS “White Noise” exhibition (at both UCSB and SBCAST) will feature demonstrations, installations, performances, and concerts by over 50 student and faculty works from the MAT, AlloSphere Research Facility, Experimental Visualization Lab, Four Eyes Lab, MIRAGE Lab, RE Touch Lab, Systemics Lab, and transLAB. The media and research works represent transdisciplinary subjects and span areas such as computational perception, computer vision, computer graphics & imaging, haptics, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, conceptual art, digital humanities, mechanics of touch, real & virtual, human-robot interaction, data visualization, generative sound, generative design, scientific visualization, field research, sensor networks, remote sensing, and experimental music. 



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