1st Thursday – September 2017

Explore the traditional materials, dyes, and designs of Zapotec weavings during the opening reception for master weaver Porfirio Gutierrez. This new exhibition entitled Cycle of Life is curated by Maiza Hixson in Suite E. Guitierrez will be giving live weaving demonstrations alongside an apothecary bar, tapas, and a curated Beer Garden in the courtyard that explores pattern and motif with a special brew inspired by the Oaxacan region and crafted just for the evening. A complementary group exhibition featuring artist-designed rugs, textiles, silks and masks will be curated by Lynn Holley in Suite D. Artists include: Mike Blaha, Robin Brazy, Charlene Broudy, Skye Gwilliam, Megan Illgner and Sommer Roman. Artist F. Myles Sciotto will exhibit a series of prints, sounds, and dynamic visuals that explore the relationship between architecture and sound in Studio F. Wine sponsor: Roark Wine


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