December First Thursday – 2019

Ending in December, ‘Topographies’ is the final part of the ‘Come As You Are’ gallery series. ‘Come As You Are’ is a Four-Part architectural exhibition series featuring four modern architecture studios based in Santa Barbara and hosted by SBCAST.

Robin Donaldson of ShubinDonaldson Architects, started the series with ‘Artifacts’ in September. Followed with ‘Arrayed’ by Anacapa Architecture in October, and last month’s ‘Vector-Xray-Data-Pixel’ by AB design.

In this final installment, titled ‘Topographies’ Ferguson-Ettinger Architects showcases thirty years of work and practice in the Santa Barbara community by highlighting the region’s unique natural landscape and architecture’s inseparable relationship to site. Through the craft of physical model making, this relationship develops as form and material align to anchor a building and create a seamless relationship to the natural features and topography of each site.

Opening Night:
December 5th, 6-10pm

Gallery Hours:
First and second weekends (7, 8 & 14,15) of December 12noon-4pm


Title: Celestial Cadence
Time 6:30 – 9:30
Event Type: Immersive Experience
Venue: SBCAST Courtyard (513 Garden St.)

Join us in the courtyard of SBCAST for Celestial Cadence. This event highlights the upcoming new year by exploring the natural rhythms and cycles found in our universe through beer, sound and dance. A myriad of beer flavors and a haptic experience, curated by Cert. Cicerone Zach Rosen, will be part of a story that unfolds through a performance program of aerial and dance choreographed by Katelyn Carano, Elevated Dreams Aerial, and Pyrokitten.

Explore SBCAST’s art galleries, and you may find a surprise live piece by local painter, Zami Marx, or perhaps stumble upon a critter or two from the Enchanted Creatures Collective. Take part in this evening of performances, awe, and beer.

Entry to the event is free with beers $5 a glass or $15 for a full evening of tasting.


Opera Singer, Amanda Gregory, with Polyvox – “3D” vocal effects development in The Human IO Lab.


UCSB Art 22 Student Demonstrations


Nimita’s Cuisine – Always perfect!

Artists connected to this event: