April 1st Thursday

Studio E, Allison Leigh Holt: A Living Model Of Hyperbolic Space:

The shortest distance between two points? It’s never a straight line, but rather a negative curve. In fact, the crenellated form of curly lichens looks a lot like the true shape of the space we find ourselves in, so-called hyperbolic space. In Holt’s bio-sculptural installation, A Living Model Of Hyperbolic Space, Parmotrema lichen (sustainably harvested with The CA Lichen Society) are magnified naturally through the refractive properties of water, within globes of hand-blown glass.

Studio D, Art by Skye Gwilliam and William Pressley.

Studio F, Alexis Story Crawshaw and Gustavo Rincon

Force fields in the virtual forest. A distortion of space/time is felt as a pressure modulation to the participant’s arm. UCSB MAT exhibition by Alexis Story Crawshaw.

Predator and Prey – encoded in a 3-D model, via algorithm – work by Gustavo Rincon – UCSB Media Arts and Technology #MAT

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