Sondra Weiss

Sondra Weiss has been an Art Educator for the last two decades, working with diverse audiences in various settings and a myriad of mediums. For over 10 years she was employed for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, as the head of the Ceramics and Sculpture Lab and developed a variety of curriculum and projects for the education department; currently she is a Teaching Artist at Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. As an Independent Art Educator she has designed many art engagement experiences in galleries locally and abroad, creating with communities in schools, museums, rehabs, shelters, private and public spaces. Sondra attributes her unique artistic voice to the insights into the culture of the streets and museums of New York City she has received since her childhood.

Sondra is passionate about world travel, humorous situations, rich conversations, culinary experiences and aquatic adventures above and under the sea. An insatiable curiosity for life and the intricacies that add to the beauty of it all defines who she is.

She is currently on a mission to bring back the Lost Art of Love Letters.

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