Democracy Delivered

Join at SBCAST for the inaugural event of a Lost Art of Love Letters series: CONNECTIVITY

C1: Democracy Delivered

Sunday, June 4th, 11am-2pm, Studio E, SBCAST
Campaign Headquarters for Mayoral Candidate, Maiza Laurent Hixson

Love Letters will be written, collaged & created upon posters designed by local and national artists illustrating twenty ways to defend democracy. The handcrafted letters will be sent to local governmental agencies & decision makers who influence the cultural growth of Santa Barbara. Mayoral candidate Maiza Hixson will be present to respond to your queries & insights as well as host discussions on the cultural landscape of Santa Barbara.

Come take part in this Grassroots literary, cultural & artistic renaissance.

Postage, Art supplies & inspiration provided. Light snacks too!

If you have a favorite writing tool or artistic instrument…bring it.

All are welcome!

Hosted by SBCAST

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