Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop by Jodie Hollander

Jodie Hollander, poet, author will teach an Ekphrastic poetry workshop at SBCAST on Sunday, Jan 13, 2019. 10AM to 2PM. Studio D. Sponsored by the Squire Foundation. Experience art at a new level and use it to inspire your writing. Internationally known poet Jodie Hollander teaches this workshop, in which participants respond poetically … Continue …

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Modular Ambience: Workshop and Performance

SLC-6 presents: Ann Annie & Constant Shapes Modular Ambience: Workshop and Performance Portland’s Ann Annie utilizes synthesizers to explore soothing “landscapes for listening.” Organic and synthetic textures mix in a meditative and energizing live set with heartfelt melodies and moments of virtual stillness. Constant Shapes is a new project by LA up and comer Griffin …

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